The Surprise Appearance of…the Fake Snake at the Lake

I was asisting in an outdoor baptism at a lake in North Carolina. The Pastor I was helping was really afraid of snakes, so much so that he had me check ahead of time to make sure there were no snakes in the lake. There wasn’t, but the thought occurred to me …what would happen if something that looked like a snake showed up just after we finished the baptism service? As we entered the lake, I put a small skinny stick of wood in my back pocket. After we baptized the last person, the Pastor instructed all of us to join hands and sing “Bless be the tie that joins our hearts in Christian love”…at that moment He reached out for my hand ..I floated the the stick toward him..he glanced in my direction looking for my hand…only to see something that looked like a snake…Kaboom! …he went straight up in the air like a Saturn 5 space rocket !…as he renentered earth’s atmosphere and the lake…he grabbed my hand and wispered something about my future fate…Don’t worry, he didn’t get mad…he got even and he returned the favor many times.
Life can be full of surprises and unexpected things do happen. How do we respond? We often seem to automatically expect the worse and jump to the wrong conclusions…someone has well said that “the only exercise some people ever get is jumping to the wrong conclusions” time before doing that,why not stop and get the true facts about the situation and look at options for solutions and guidance…”The Lord says ‘ I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” (Psalm 32:8 NLT)