Are you a prisoner of unrealistic expectations for yourself and others?

There is nothing wrong about striving to be our best and looking for the best in others, but carrying it to an extreme can be harmful. When our expectations get wrapped up in constantly demanding perfection in ourselves and others, it will ultimately lead to disappointment and discouragement.
It is interesting to note, that the middle verse in the Bible is Psalms 118: 8 which states that “It is better to trust in the Lord than to to depend on people.” Sometimes people disappoint us and sometimes we can become disappointed in ourselves, but our focus should be on God more than anyone or anything else. I really like Christine Caine’s thoughts about this topic…
“People cannot do for you what only God can do for you.
People cannot give you what only God can give you.
People cannot love you in the way that only God loves you.
People cannot know you as God alone knows you.
Don’t try to get from people what you can only get from God.”
May you and I focus on our perfect Savior more than our imperfections and shortcomings. There is such a relief from that negative mental fatigue when we focus on our worship of God. Our worries and burdens give way to His abundant and amazing Grace…and in the process changes our attitude to accept His love for us and also enable us to be more effective in sharing His love with others.