Who is on God’s VIP List for You Today?

       I was on a tight schedule, running late between appointments and decided to grab a quick lunch. I went through the drive-thru and got a  Bean Burrito and Diet Coke (a gastronomical non-delight.) I sat in the parking lot to enjoy my “unhappy meal.” I was thinking… why on earth did I stop here? I was mad at myself for making such a bad decision, but I have learned through the years, that sometimes God can even turn our disappointments into His appointments…      I noticed a man slowly leaving the restaurant, with a walking cane in one hand and his soft drink in the other hand. When he got to his car, he was having difficulty trying to unlock the car and hold on to the cane and cola cup at the same time. I got out and went over and helped get him and his stuff in the car. It was then, I recognized him. I had seen him around town and knew he recently had a stroke. He recognized me and pointed in the direction of the church and said with slurred speech: “You… church”. I replied: “Yes, I’m Jerry and I work at the church.” He said: “God bless you for helping me.”I replied: “Thank you for blessing me too and getting to see you today.”

     As he drove away, I sat in my car and reflected upon what had just happened. I wept, thanking the Lord for allowing me to just simply help someone today. We live  in such a  “always in a hurry” world. How many opportunities do we miss each day because we are too busy to notice them? As you go through your day, look for those VIP ( Very Important People) in God’s eyes that He sends your way so that you can share a word of encouragement or do something for them. John Bunyan has said, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”. We are never more like Jesus than when we care, help, and share with others.