Thank You Molly T. for Believing In Me

In the fabric of our lives, there are those special people who God has used to encourage us at key times in our lives. For me, one of those was Molly T. When I was I was a youth pastor (years ago), two of her children Rob and Susan were in the youth group at my church. Molly would often host youth Bible Studies at her home on Monday nights. It became a favorite place for kids to gather.As a young youth pastor, I would sometimes get discouraged and overwhelmed but Molly would just talk with me, help me keep things in perspective and I would keep going, she was an encourager to me and many of her family and friends.
One of her favorite mottos was “say kind words”. I had the honor to speak at her memorial service yesterday. Those “kind words” were easy for me to say because of her and her family have been such good friends to me through the years. I am so glad that I took the opportunity to say thank you to her several times through the years before she went home to Heaven.
Often times, the people God uses to encourages us the most are those who just there and believe in us when we need it the most. Thanks Molly T. for believing in me…

One thought on “Thank You Molly T. for Believing In Me

  1. marguerite murphy

    You did a great job yesterday. The world is a better place because of Molly T and we are better for knowing her and being loved by her. It was good to see you and your bride yesterday. Love to you both! Marguerite 🙂

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