“It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time”…

When I was in middle school, I played bass guitar in some not-so-famous bands. One day at school, my zest for musical creativity spontaneously took over the classroom. I wrapped several cords from the window blinds around the old radiator heater to make a bass guitar sound. I had begin to pick a popular tune on my new found instrument. The teacher had left the room, when he returned I had all of my classmates singing the popular song “Louie, Louie…we gotta go…yeah, yeah, yeah..”
I thought it was a good idea at the time but it turned out it was’t a good idea…My teacher wasn’t real big on that kind of creativity during his world history class…so Louie had to go…and I had to go to the school principal’s office…
There are times when we have difficulty determining when an idea is the right choice for us. Psalm 27:11(NCV) reminds to look for God’s guidance: ” Lord teach me your ways, and guide me to do what is right.” A good idea may not be a godly idea. Before making a major decision we should: Consider the options, get good advice, and pray it through to be sure God is in it…and that is a good idea for us all the time…

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