The Comparison Trap

“Compare thyself one with another”…Although this is not in the Bible, we are often tempted to think that way.  When we compare ourselves with others, we tend to let our thoughts run toward two negative  extremes.
     One extreme is that we can become envious of someone’s looks, lifestyle, or possessions. We can become bitter and jealous.The other extreme is that we can become judgmental and “look down” on people that have less than we have or is different than us. It is obvious that both of these attitudes are wrong and are not pleasing to The Lord. Psalm 119:37 encourages you and I to think differently: “Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to Your Word.”  
    We should focus on the on our relationship with God and love for others regardless of their status in life. As we see ourselves and others as God sees us it will allow us to keep the proper perspective. We are able to maintain the right attitude by getting into studying the Bible and apply it to our daily lives on a regular basis. 
    Also, we need to realize that we are uniquely created by God. I had a professor in graduate school say often “God don’t make no junk.” That is true, and we should celebrate God’s love and grace in our lives and not get caught up on what we have or don’t have in life but focus on God’s love and grace for ourselves…and others.


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