A Trip Down Memory Lane on…Mr. Bill’s Magic Bus


    When I was growing up, I used to watch the “Mr. Bill and Bozo Show”; a local TV show for children from WLOS-TV Channel 13 in nearby Asheville, North Carolina. He would have children come and sit in his school bus made out of card board. He would talk to the kids in-between cartoons and commercials. The show was sponsored by Sunbeam Bread Company. My Mom and Aunt Laura took me and my cousin Kenny to be on the show one afternoon. We sat there in the make believe bus, with each child holding a loaf of Sunbeam bread in our laps. I got real excited when we were told that Mr. Bill was going to ask a question and whoever answered it correctly would win a brand new Nifty Notebook. Man…I really one of those new notebooks. 
    The little girl in front of me told me that real winner would be the kid who ate the most bread. So I started eating my loaf of bread. Mr. Bill spotted me and asked if I knew what was the state bird of North Carolina…I tried to say “Cardinal”, but he couldn’t hear for all the bread I had in my mouth…The little girl heard me though and raised her hand, and said “Cardinal” and won the Nifty Notebook! As we were leaving after the show, I overheard one the parents say…”Did you see that little curly headed boy (that would be me), his parents must not feed him at all, he ate so much bread he look like a chipmunk!”
    Through the years I learned to laugh at myself at some, well… ok MANY  funny situations I get myself into from day to day. Life is too short to be mad, bitter and upset over things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Every day is a gift, we should make the most of good days and bad days…even on Mr. Bill’s Magic Bus. Enjoy the ride!


One thought on “A Trip Down Memory Lane on…Mr. Bill’s Magic Bus

  1. Marjorie Leatherwood

    I was never on a show like that as TV was just getting going good I guess. But my Aunt took me to see the Lone Ranger at the Los Angeles collision, we were pretty high up but I still remember it & I used to have a silver (immatation, I’m sure) bullet. It got lost in our moves in the Navy.

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