The Wit & Wisdom of Pappy & Rush

The wit and wisdom of Pappy and Rush…Paul Galyon and Rush Parrott had several nicknames, Paul’s nicknames were “Slim” (because he was tall and slim) and “Pappy”. Rush’s nickname was “Tiny”(because he wasn’t tiny) but most people just called him Rush. The dictionary defines “wit” as a “form of intelligent humor, the ability to say things that are clever and fun”. Here’s a sampling of some of their favorite “witty” sayings…
“I’m only afraid of two kinds of snakes, dead ones and live ones.”
“Every road leads somewhere.”
“With the friends you’ve got, you don’t need any enemies.”
“I take after both of my grandfathers… One ate a lot and the other ate for a long time.”
“I ain’t ever done nothing to nobody.”
“I feel like a lost baseball in high weeds.”
“I treat everybody alike…I give everybody a hard time.”
“Good food won’t hurt you, if you are used to it.”
They worked together, laughed together, had fun together, served our church as deacons together and were in the local fire department together. They loved to tease each other; play jokes and pranks on each other and their “ friends”, although when asked about that, they would always each respond with …”I ain’t ever done nothing to nobody.” On the other hand, They were some of the most dedicated and caring individuals I have ever known. They were always there to support people in time of need. They were dependable and faithful. They were true to their word, if they promise you something, they would do it. 

They were big on commitment but at the same time enjoyed life and people. They loved their family and both lovingly cared for the wives through difficult illness before they passed away. They showed us that both whit and wisdom are important… how to laugh and how to live. That is a good combination. Wisdom is defined in the Bible as the practical knowledge and applying God’s truth in everyday life. They lived that way on a consistent daily basis and had some fun along the way. We could all use some wit and wisdom each day too. 


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