Easter Sunrise at Chimney Rock 

One of my favorite memories of Easter, is at Chimney Rock Park. It is a beautiful place overlooking the mountains and Lake Lure in North Carolina. I was a part of the Sound of Singing Youth ( yes, it was years ago and if you are wondering…I did not sing, I played bass guitar and worked with the road crew) . We were asked to sing at their Easter Sunrise Service. As the group sang several songs, the sun had not fully come into view. My job that day was to raise the cross up slowly during a particular song about Jesus entitled “When I Think of the Cross”. The sun appeared to rise up exactly isync with the music behind the cross as I lifted it up. The amazing part of this was the fact that the singing group and I were facing the other way in order for the audience to see the sunrise behind us. I didn’t know that had happened until after the service, when people came to me, with tears in their eyes and telling me how it was so meaningful for them to see that during the song. As people like to say today…It was a “God Thing”.As amazing as that was…the first Easter was more than Amazing and still is today. Think about all that happened, Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, died on a cross for you and me, to forgive us and give us everlasting life. He did for us what we could not do for ourselves. I like to think about Heaven on Easter too…just to think there will be no more sickness, suffering or pain, no hardships or difficulties.  Also, there we will be reunited with those friends and loved ones and many other believers that have died and gone on to Heaven before us, what a reunion that will be… and then to see Jesus face to face..Wow, now that is Amazing, all because of what God did for you and me on that very first Easter!  


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