The Importance  of Recharging Our Emotional Batteries 

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” – Sydney Harris“Your soul is like a battery that discharges each time you give life away, and it needs to be recharged regularly.” – Wayne Cordero
It is so important to recharge our emotional batteries. Research indicates that it often takes just as much time or longer to recover emotionally than it does physically, from stressful or traumatic events in our lives. I have over the years, try to identify good ways for me to recovery emotionally from stress that I encounter in my work in helping people in dealing with crisis situations. I really enjoy spending time with my family doing things together. I also like doing things like going to sporting events, hiking in the mountains or attending a concert. I think one reason is that it gives my mind some time to relax and think about something different. It is sort of a temporary mental break and stress reliever for me. It is a good time to spend with family and friends too and enjoy these experiences together. 
The truth is, we all need an occasional break from our routine. A time to relax and recharge. It doesn’t have to be an extended vacation, but a few hours or a day can be extremely helpful in keeping recharged in the marathon of Life.

There are a lot of good options to accomplish this in different ways, read an interesting book, take a walk, go to a good show, concert or movie, take up a new hobby, etc…The right approach is unique to each individual. Dr. Richard Swenson, has done a iot research in the study of balancing life demands, suggests this..” It is important to understand our emotional reserves. It is important to understand how much we have at the beginning of the each day and which influences drain our emotions dry or recharge our batteries. It is important to learn what our limits are and not make further withdrawals if we are already maximally depleted. And it is important to respect these limits in others. Make an intentional decision about how much overload is acceptable in your life. Some enjoy a high-stimulus life of continuous multitasking. Others prefer a more controlled, peaceful pace. Once you understand where on this spectrum you function best, attempt to stay within a range of tolerances. Exceeding these parameters will put your productivity and passion at risk, eventually resulting in exhaustion, disorganization and irritation.” 

Ask God to help you in this process. Remember that God created you and knows what is best for you and is there to restore and renew your strength..”The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry, and restoring your strength.” – Isaiah 58:11

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