The “Talking Bear” at Mount LeConte

The ” Talking Bear” at Mount LeConte…Once upon a time, I went with a hiking group from our church to spend the night at the Lodge at Mt. Leconte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We were called the “Path Pilgrims” and what an adventure we had… all kinds of weather, from sunshine, rain, sleet, snow and fog. We left the parking lot at the bottom of the mountain with sunshine and comfortable temperatures. As we ascended up the trail, we were hit with a cold front, with strong winds and a storm. There is a part of the trail where you are hiking along the rocky side of the mountain. The path is very narrow and metal cable attached to the rock to get you from falling of the side of the mountain. When we reached that part,the wind was gusting so strong that rain was literally pushing up the mountain instead of raining downward as it normally does. I told some of the group that it reminded me of being in a tornado when I lived in Texas. That wasn’t very comforting to them, especially when they told me that this was their very first hike!

That night after dinner, I gave a devotional talk to our group in a larger building. Clouds and fog had surrounded the mountain top that night and you could only see a few feet at best. I counted the cabins on the way to big building to make sure I would get back to the right cabin. After the meeting, I went out the door and down the path to my cabin. I could hear people talking inside but when I went to open the door it was locked. I knocked on the door while shouting “Let me in!” Then I heard someone inside asked “Who’s there?” I replied “Jerry Bear!”…They replied “Who?” By this time I’m getting frustrated by their lack of sensitivity. “I’m Jerry Bear, let me in!”… Then I realized I had came out a different door from the building and I wasn’t at my cabin!… I was talking to strangers who weren’t with my group and they evidently didn’t know my name was “Jerry Bear”! 

I tried to explain the situation to them…but they never opened the door. 

I can imagine when they got home they told others about the “Talking Bear at Mt. LeConte.” 

It’s easy to get confused in the fog. In life, we all go through times that seem like that way too, not knowing what to do next or where to go…life can be so confusing sometimes. That’s when it is so important to look to the Lord for guidance and encouragement. I like how David described it in the Bible: ” I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from ALL my fears”. – (Psalm 34:4). May we look to Him when we are lost in a fog of doubt and confusion. He will get us through it..and by the way, His door is always open, just talk to Him in prayer anytime and any place…

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