He came to be our Savior and Bear our Burdens 

The word “bear” is mentioned almost three hundred times in the Bible. The word “bear” has several different meanings such as to “carry” something, or a tree “bearing” or producing fruit, and of course, the animal. My nickname is Jerry Bear, a name given to me by the kids when I was a church youth worker years ago. Some say I kinda look and act like a bear. I am often asked how do I handle “bearing” the burdens of so many hurting people in my work? The answer is I don’t…in my own strength. I exchange my weakness for His strength by simply trusting Him by faith. This is one the greatest truths that I have ever learned as a Christian…that God’s grace not only saves us but sustains us as He daily “bears” our burdens.

From time to time, we can experience stressful situations that overload our minds and hearts with fear and doubt. That is why I trust in the Lord more than just my feelings. He can handle my burdens, worries, anxieties much better than me just trying to “bear” them all by myself. I am so thankful that Jesus came that very first Christmas to be our Savior and Lord to also “bear” our problems every day. That is probably why my favorite Bible verse is “Praise to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.” – Psalm 68:19 

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