With Jesus in the Upper Room

  Recently, after visiting Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, I had some time before meeting my daughter for dinner. I went for a walk and to my suprise went by The Upper Room Chapel. I decided to go inside and check it out. As I sat there by myself… I began to just weep and pray, I felt so overwhelmed with God’s grace and strength He had given me the last few days. I was so thankful for answered prayer for the family I had spent the day with at the hospital. I also began to reflect upon how God had been with me in the past. I recalled a series of messages that my pastor and mentor Paul Burleson did entitled “With Jesus In the Upper Room”, years before when I was a student in Texas. I remembered many other times that I sensed God’s presence in a powerful way.

I thought about what it must have been like for Jesus and his disciples at the last upper in the upper room. It was right before Easter, Jesus had a last meal with his close followers. Little did they realize that soon, Jesus would be crucified and then rise again from the grace that first Easter morning. His disciples were a lot like you and me, unique individuals with flaws, yet Jesus loved them anyway. I am so thankful for His amazing grace, love, power, forgiveness, guidance.

I have sensed His presence in a lot of different places, on the mountain top, by the sea shore, worship services in churches, in a parking lot, in my car, my home, etc… The truth, is we can sense His presence in a lot different places. He is not limited to location, if we will simply take time to talk to Him in prayer and take time to thank Him and praise Him. I was so thankful to find a quiet place in the middle of such a busy city to spend some time with Jesus… in the Upper Room.

One thought on “With Jesus in the Upper Room

  1. Alden Douglass

    Jerry you always word that are so inspiring you are a true man of god and when you speak you know the words for the situation that you are asking the Heavily Father for help thank you for all you do

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