The Incredible Impact of Ms. Norma

There are those special people that we encounter in our lives that have an incredible inspirational impact on those around them. Ms. Norma is one of those for many of us in our church. She has taught Bible Study for well over 50 years. She still has the desire and attends training sessions to learn more how to teach Bible and share her faith with others. She is unassuming and humble yet quietly powerful in her own way. She volunteers and still participates in ministry events to pray and encourage others. She stays focused on the Lord regardless of what is going on around her. She doesn’t talk bad about anyone going through a difficult time; but instead prays for them and encourages them gently in the right direction. 

When you look at God’s description in the Bible of what a Christian should be like in Galatians 5, it is easy to see these traits in her life too: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. She would be the first to tell you, these traits are from the Lord and her allowing Him to direct her life on a daily basis. What a challenge to the rest of us to be like that. Thank you Ms. Norma for letting the Lord use you in a positive way in our lives. It’s faithful people like her that God uses to keep us focused on what really matters.Be thankful for those people who God has placed in your life to encourage you in your faith . 

2 thoughts on “The Incredible Impact of Ms. Norma

  1. Leesa McGill

    Norma told me once to be “open minded”, changes WILL always happen while you’re living, you have to learn and be willing to adjust, words of wisdom from a petite soft spoken women.
    She is humble about her entire life of achievements, there are many. In fact she credits God for everything.
    Some people these days might raise an eye brow to the “Christian” in this secular world, withou apology or fear, Norma lives her life God centered working towards holiness. What I have observed is a women who accepted Christ as her Savior and lives the Great Commission, a natural, as sure as each of us breathes in air.
    People need role models, praise God she attends OUR church and is a living example lovingly sharing scripture to help keep you centered for those seeking answers. She knows clearly how important that compass is when you are lost.
    Everything I have read in the bible about Jesus spells Norma, humble, kind, unselfish, teacher and mostly her love of her church, community and the Lord. There is something special about Norma, a light around her, a sense of comfort, peace, assurance, So, I watch silently, I listen carefully, I don’t want to miss anything, she is a living angel!

  2. Ricky Gomez

    I meet Ms Norma 17 yrs ago , she was my English teacher , I spoke some when I moved from Miami Fl , she’s and still a model how a Christian should act and be, GOD bless Ms Norma .

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