Life Lessons from Really Great Guitar Pickers

It is refreshing to get out of the rut of your usual routine and occasionally do something completely different. I have always enjoyed guitar music. I am not really good at playing the guitar. You may have heard the saying about playing the guitar as “Pick and Grin”…Well, I grin more than I pick the guitar but I admire those who do pick and play the guitar and are really good at it. My good friend Ray Johnson encouraged me to attend the “Chet Atkins Appreciation Society” Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. My cousin, Pat Corn performs and teaches workshops at this annual event. I have attended it several times through the years. Chet Atkins was a famous guitar musician, music producer. He had a passion for developing musical talent and teaching people how to play the guitar. The convention is sorta like the World Series of Guitars which is attended by musicians of all skill levels, age groups and they come from all over the world. I have met guitarist from South East Asia, Europe, Australia, etc.

Here are some important life lessons I have observed being around these great guitar musicians…

YOU HAVE TO FREQUENTLY ADAPT AND ADJUST TO KEEP YOUR LIFE IN TUNE. There is no worse sound than when a musical instrument is out of tune. Even at concerts, you will see entertainers take time to tune their guitar in between songs. That is true with your life, especially when your life gets out of tune with your soul, stop and adjust your schedule or attitude, etc…to stay in tune to be the best version of you that God wants you to be each day.

GOOD HABITS ARE DEVELOPED BY PRACTICE. These musicians practice playing their guitar a lot. You will not get better at something if you give up too quickly. In life, good habits are just as difficult to break as bad habits. Bad habits are overcome by developing good habits. Choose good habits.


LEARNING FROM OTHERS. Dr. Vance Havner said that he had a friend who was determined to be original or nothing, he ended up being both! The truth is that the most original and creative people all have mentors that played a role and impacted their lives.

FRET NOT… There is something calming and refreshing about listening to beautiful acoustic guitar music. It is very relaxing when you hear it. I know I have found just playing my guitar at home unwinds the tension of a stressful day. It is good to stop and take a few minutes to be grateful for a peaceful break from a hectic day. Even that doesn’t compare with the peace we can find in our relationship with God. It transcends any situation and circumstance. Jesus said “ I am leaving you a gift, of peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” That is really the reason I can grin and bear it no matter what happens each day. If you happen to get out of sync… be sure to take time to get back in tune.

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