Make God a part of your daily life

We as Christians are often very thankful for God’s love and forgiveness, salvation and His blessings for us in our past. Also, we look forward to the future, spending eternity with Jesus in Heaven some day. We have a tendency though, to forget that God really wants to be a part our our daily lives in the here and now. I am so glad that God doesn’t leave us here alone on earth to figure it out how to live the Christian way of life in just our own strength and wisdom. He doesn’t give us the gift of salvation and say something like “Good luck, See you later, you are on our own until you get to Heaven someday.”

God loves us much more than that. He wants us to experience His presence and joy in our daily lives. Noted inspirational writer Sarah Young has said it best : “ Pursuing a close walk with the Lord is the best way to live in the present.” God is not going to change the world we live in until He changes our individual lives first. That is where it starts with you and me. This is an amazing opportunity for us to live a life of purpose and fulfillment beyond our greatest expectations. When we continue to grow closer in our daily relationship with Him, He takes ordinary people like you and me and continues the process of making us more like Him in our character, attitude and actions. As a result, God begins to use each of us in our own unique way to make a positive difference in helping other people in small and big ways for His glory, not our own. It is not just going out and attempting to do something for the Lord, but more like working in concert with Him to encourage people you encounter as you go through your day.

The question is…what do we need to do, to have that kind of daily relationship with Jesus? First of all, we must realize that God doesn’t move parked cars! We must let go of our stubbornness and selfishness to follow Him daily. Jesus said we are to take up our cross by denying our selfishness and daily follow Him (Luke 9:23). We continue to trust in Him by talking with Him silently in prayer as we go through your day . We thank Him for blessing us with another day. We pray for other people we know and their needs and concerns and we help them when we can, we thank Him for guiding us, giving us the air to breathe, a home, our freedom, family and friends, etc… that He is with us, no matter what we go through right now. This not a “To Do List” but living a lifestyle as we follow Him.

I am still learning and growing in my daily walk with God and that is my prayer for you as well. We can have a great day because God is with us.

4 thoughts on “Make God a part of your daily life

  1. Mary Justus

    Hi Jerry Bear! Your article is So True! I thoroughly enjoy my Bible Reading & Prayer Time each and every morning! Most of the readings really speak to me and come at the Right Time. The other day- there were so many things going on & seemed like swirling around in my mind. I really needed a touch from God, My Bible Reading was at John 20:19 where the disciples met behind closed doors and Jesus showed up in their midst! I said “Thank You, God” ! That was so good for me that morning!

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