Are You Ready to Leap into the New Year?

This new year 2020 is a “Leap Year”. We have an extra day (February 29th). This happens every four years to keep the calendar year in sync with the astronomical or seasonal calendar. My momma and others told me when I was growing up to “Look before You Leap.” In others words, it is best to evaluate the present and prepare for what is next in for lives. Here are some things to consider as we jump into this new year.


Some things need to be the same. Our core values and good habits should be a consistent in order to maintain the base of our overall good health and wellbeing. Other things we do on a regular basis may need adjustments or additional attention to improve the quality of our life.

WE WILL ENCOUNTER SOME UNEXPECTED THINGS.This is just the nature of life itself that we all face. These can be bad things or good things that will happen. Some these things we may have some control over, others not so much. We can however, control how we respond to things that happen.

NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR PERSONAL GROWTH. Look at and consider some options that can help you to become a better person. Then, weave these new opportunities into your schedule. Through the years, this process has helped balance my personal life as I took some time to take stock of all my regular family and work responsibilities on my schedule. I would decrease some, delete some, increase some and start some new things. This would allow me to schedule my priorities first and then make adjustments where necessary. I would write them down, pray through them and then discuss my thoughts with my family to get their input which was also most helpful.

Well, it is time for me to leap on out of here for now. Have a great day and a Happy New Year!

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