Trusting in God…when Life doesn’t make Sense

Through the years of my own personal experiences and also helping other people through difficult times in their lives, I have seen the benefits of trusting God even when life does not make sense. Why is this happening to me? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers the way I had hoped? Our soul seems to ache and cry out that this shouldn’t happen and it is so unfair. It is normal to have those thoughts and feelings but we do not need to let them debilitate us for a long period of time. It is in moments like these, that we are reminded of the harsh reality that we do not live in perfect world. God knew this and that is one of the reasons He sent us Jesus to be our Savior so we may have the promise of Eternal Life and His peace in the midst of difficulties and disappointments in this life. Even Jesus acknowledged the difficulty in living in an imperfect world when He said “ I have told you all this so that you may have peace in Me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows, But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”( John 16:33)

The comfort we are seeking isn’t found in finding the answers to all our questions but it is personally seeking and experiencing God’s presence in the midst of the heartache.This process takes time, but God can and will help navigate you through the uncertainty of the future as you trust in Him. Your path through this, is unique as your fingerprint. You can gain encouragement from His Word, similar experiences from others, but also from other sources that He has uniquely designed for you. It is a blend of all of these, that gives us hope and strength to get through it all. This is how we can trust in God when life doesn’t make sense.

“Base your happiness on your hope in Christ. When trials come endure them patiently, steadfastly maintain the habit of prayer.” – Romans 12:22

3 thoughts on “Trusting in God…when Life doesn’t make Sense

  1. Rebecca Mason Thomas

    Given the loss of our home; not being able to rebuild our home or to buy another one in Sevier County, Hugh and I have been right where you talked about. It has taken a lot to trust what God has in store for us as we move back to our native Alabama. We are both confident now that God has something exciting in store for us.

  2. Ruth Martin

    Bro. Jerry, just read your up.lifting and encouraging comments and felt led to say amen. The other night in family worship, we talked about this . We discussed the time when Jesus was preparing His disciples for the agony of Calvary. He told them not to be defeated but look thru the coming terrible hours …to the JOY beyond.”’. He always has that special joy waiting for us , enabling us to keep on, following and trusting Him. Thanks for sharing these thoughts from your heart

  3. Tammy Finchum

    I truly believe that asking those hard questions is when we study the most to find his answer it is faith that gets us thur those hard times and faith that gets us to that peace we are searching for Thank you

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