Forever Friends

This is a photo of me and of my friend Rob. It was taken at a reunion of our old church youth music group several years ago. Rob played the drums, I played the bass guitar some, helped with the road crew and other things back then. In this photo, Rob is holding a little booklet I wrote years ago entitled “The Lord Always Knows What Is Happening”. That title came from a popular saying we heard a lot back in the 1970’s. People would ask “What’s Happening?” And we would reply “The Lord Always Knows What’s Happening!” The reason we would say that was because there were so many answered prayers within our group and on our mission trips and at the concerts during those years. One summer we did a week of concerts in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We performed concerts in the shopping malls, schools and other venues. We had rented a civic auditorium for concerts in the evening. Before we went on that trip, as I spent time praying for it, I sensed that God wanted me to purchase some Bibles to take with us. I was told that would not be necessary because someone else was taking care of doing that for us. But yet every time I prayed, I really sensed that I was to the get some Bibles anyway. At our final concert there, we had over 200 people make a decision to become a Christian! We spent some time praying and counseling with those people. The Bibles that had been previously ordered for them did not show up. We unpacked the Bibles I had brought. There were just enough Bibles for everyone that became a Christian that night! We were so amazed being able to see first hand things that only God could do. We sensed God’s presence in such a wonderful way. That was such an important part of helping me grow as a young Christian. I am reminded of Hebrews 10:35 that encourages us with these words..”So do not lose or throw away the boldness, courage, and your confident trust in God that you had in the past.” I thank God for those experiences when I had with my friends back then.

I really think it we need to realize the importance of forever friends that God has placed in our life’s journey to help us grow in our faith together. They help shape us through their encouragement and friendship. I think about my friend Rob, who passed away unexpectedly last year. He always had a love for music and for people.That never changed through the years. He did so much to help people to experience and develop their love for music. He even volunteered to help kids learn to play musical instruments who could not afford to do so in his community. Rob’s influence lives on in his family and other people who knew him and were touched by his friendship and what he did for them. I am thankful for people like Rob who make a positive difference in people’s lives. I am thankful that someday I will see Rob again at another reunion…that will be in Heaven. I can’t even begin to comprehend how great that will be!

One thought on “Forever Friends

  1. Mary Justus

    Jerry Bear; it is so good to hear from you. Yes, It is So Good to see things happen that you know that only God could have worked them out!

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