Thanks for the Memories…Coach Johnny Majors

Johnny Majors, a Tennessee legend. He was an All-American Football player at UT. I enjoyed hearing him talked about when he went to school at University of Tennessee, he was undersized for a typical college player but made up for it by determination, hard work, toughness and his love for the game. He was also a successful college football coach at Iowa State, the University of Pittsburg, and at the University of Tennessee. He made a difference wherever he went, turning around those football programs that had fallen on tough times. I got to meet him on several occasions through the years, he always remembered me that I was from the Baptist Church in Sevierrville. He had an incredible memory and had a special way about him, that made you feel like a friend.

I wonder what kind of impact do we have?

Do we make things better?

Are we determined to be the best we can be?

Are we willing to work to turn things around for the better wherever we go?

We need more people to do just that, especially as our country recovers from the pandemic and other difficult issues now and in the days ahead. May we all do our part, like coach Majors did.

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