Lord, Help us today…

This is my prayer for you and me:

Lord, please help us today…

May we seek Your presence and peace

instead of “going to pieces”.

Help us to focus on our faith in You…

rather than the fears inside and outside of us.

Take the tangled strands of our anxious thoughts

unravel them and replace them with the strong

thought patterns of hope and confidence in

Your grace and love.

Help us to let go of things that hinder us from being

and doing our best,

and give us a fresh grip on the most important things.

When our patience with ourselves and others

is “wearing thin”…

Give us the grace and strength to say and do

the right thing anyway.

Help us to become better instead of bitter

by being thankful for what we do have instead

of being disappointed about what we don’t have

right now

Give us the desire and wisdom to let

You guide us…

even when we don’t understand

and can’t figure things out on our own.

Thank you Jesus, for Your love and help today..


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