What is the anchor in your life?

An anchor is most helpful for boats and large ships to keep them from drifting or being destroyed by storms. We too need an anchor in our lives to keep us from being harmed in the storms of life that we all encounter. It can provide stability to keep us safe.
The Bible describes Jesus as the anchor of our soul. The first Christians used the symbol of anchor with a cross on the top of it to remind them, that regardless of the storms they encountered in life, Christ was the anchor of their souls. They could weather the difficult times by trusting in Him and also we can too today.
I can not imagine how difficult my life would have been without Jesus as my anchor. There have been times as I experienced the difficult winds of stress, not knowing what to do, yet somehow He got me through the storms okay.
I do not know what particular storms you may be facing right now in your personal life… but I do know you can not go wrong by trusting the Lord, even when the storms of life cloud your perspective. You can trust Him to be your anchor.

One thought on “What is the anchor in your life?

  1. Mary Justus

    Yes, Jerry Bear, God has been my anchor so many times in my life!I don’t know how people make it without God in their lives!                                                                                                       Mary Justus

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