Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

“Keep on the sunny side,
always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life!
It will help us every day,
it will brighten all the way,
if we will keep on the sunny side of life”
These are the lyrics from a popular song originally recorded by the Carter family during the Great Depression Years in 1930’s.This little song became a favorite because of its upbeat tempo and uplifting lyrics. The song often played on the radio, and kept people encouraged during those very difficult times. It was originally written by Ada Blenkorn who was inspired by a phrase “Keep on the Sunny Side” frequently repeated by her disabled nephew who always wanted his wheelchair pushed down the sunny side of the street.
Now, all these years later, we need to keep on the sunny side of life. There is something special about a sunny day after a storm or rainy day that lifts our outlook and attitude. When the sun is shining it provides Vitamin D which is essential for good health.
We also need a spiritual Vitamin D too. Here a are few good sources of Vitamin D for our soul that I have found healthy and helpful. These are found in our relationship with Jesus, who is described as the Son of God…
S …Jesus is our SOURCE of SALVATION, SPIRITUAL STRENGTH , and eternal security.
O … Jesus is the ONLY ONE can give us the forgiveness we need to change our heart, mind, and soul
N… Jesus will NEVER leave us or forsakes us

Let the SON shine in keep us on the Sunny Side of Life!

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