Peace, Love, & Cornbread…

Sometimes we take Big Things for for granted. Big Things like the Peace of God we have through our faith in Jesus, God’s Love for us, and the Love we have for our family, friends, and others.

We oftentimes take the Little Things for granted too…such as Cornbread. I use cornbread as an example and metaphor because it is both simple and common. I sometimes like it with soup or a meal. You may enjoy something else besides cornbread.. like coffee, a quiet walk, or listening to music…etc. Take a moment to think about some of the Little Things you like and enjoy. I have found that when I do this, it is helps me to stay balanced regardless of whether I am having a good day or a bad day. Our overall perspective daily attitude will improve if we keep in mind to be more appreciative of those things.

Peace, Love, & Cornbread, our Blessings both Big and Small, let us be thankful for them All…

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