Every Day is a Gift

I have received some unusual gag gifts, such as a biscuit with tin foil in it (way too much fiber and crunch) and a trophy which said ” Last Place” (that made me feel good)..but there are good gifts too, some that cannot be found in a store or a box.
“Every day is a gift”…this is one of my favorite sayings. It really is true. In my work as a Pastor, I am often visiting hospitals, being with the family when someone is close to passing away, or praying with someone who is really facing difficult situations. All of these experiences remind me how precious and fragile life really is every day. We take so much for granted, assuming it will ” never happen to me” attitude or that we are so preoccupied with being busy, always in a hurry to somewhere out into the future and do not appreciate the here and now. How can we look at each day as a gift?
The most important thing is to realize it is a gift from God. ” This is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it” ( Psalm 150:6).I have always felt that this last verse in the book of Psalms teaches us, that as long as we are breathing we have a purpose in life and that is to praise the Lord.When we do this our focus is more on God more than ourselves. It helps us to look at our day through God’s eyes and not just our own point of view.
It also has a positive impact on our attitude and good influence on others. Psalms 118:24 states that “This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” When we count our blessings it reflects our faith. A highly respected Christian leader,Dr. J.I. Packer challenges us when he said ” We dishonor God if we proclaim a Savior that satisfies…and then go around discontent.” Don’t miss the opportunities today to see that God is working in your life and to be a blessing to others, because the best gifts are the ones we share with others. By the way, everyday is a gift… with or without ice cream


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