A Prayer for Regen, You & Me

    Regen Morris , a 12 year old had been fighting brain cancer for over a year. I had the privlege to visit him and pray with him and his family often during that time. His incredible spirit and determination was evident to all who knew him.  He was a great student and athelete. He was known to spot kids who were new to his school and would be the first to reach out and include them in things.
    The support of family and friends during his illness  was simply amazing. The outpouring of love by the whole community of churches, school classes, civic groups, businesses, and indivduals was unlike anything I have ever seen. We even had a parade for him when he came home from the hospital.
   One day during one of my visits, I could tell he was having a difficult time. During this stage of his illness, Regen could understand things but could not verbally communicate back his response. I leaned over close to him and told him ” what an inspiration he was to so many people, even those he had never met.  I told him that he brought out the best in them. People who probably prayed for anything or anybody in a long time, were now praying for him and others on a regular basis. People who had  been so wrapped up in themselves were now thinking of others and were volunteering to help. People who had taken their familiy for granted, were now, beacuse of him and his family were encouraged and challenged to make their family a priority.”  When I said that to him..I saw tears come to his eyes… He knew what I was saying to him. 
    Then I prayed this short prayer with him: “Lord, help us all to be like Regen, to be the best we can be, and bring out the best in others. Amen.” Regen passed away early on Christmas morning. He got to go to Heaven and be with Jesus on the day we clebrate the birthday of Jesus here on earth.God used Regen and his family to change my life and many others. I will never forget him and I will continue to ask The Lord: “Help us all to be like Regen, to be the best we can be, and bring out the best in others.”


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