Fishing on Flat Creek Without a Flashlight 

Some friends and I went fishing one night on the Flat Creek section of nearby Douglas Lake. I asked them, what I needed to bring and they suggested I bring some food for the group. I went by the grocery store and got some big chicken drumsticks ( they look like something Fred Flintstone or some other cave man would like to eat).  We set out on our nocturnal adventure and found our fishing spot, put down the anchor and began to fish. After a while, the group decided it was time to eat the food I brought. I had my fishing pole set and the line in the water, my flashlight on and then began to distribute the chicken to the guys. All of sudden, my fishing pole bent over because I had hooked a fish, I had my flashlight and grabbed the fishing pole in one hand, and held the chicken in the other hand…I had to decide to let some thing go, I couldn’t hold on to all of it at the same time! So… I dropped the flashlight in the lake, handed off the chicken to one of my friends and grabbed the fishing pole with both hands and then caught the fish.The other guys were so impressed with my “multi-tasking-how-to-make-a-quick-decison-making-ability”and responded with lots of laughter and teasing me about letting go the flashlight…What we hold on to and let go of in our lives is so important. We need to let go of the burdens of bitterness, envy, and hatred, failures, guilt, disappointments, worry, etc… We need to hold on to our faith and become better instead of bitter. I am reminded of my favorite verse in the Bible, “Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens” (Psalm 68:19). The phrase “daily bears our burdens” actually means that God can pick us up, like a parent will reach down and pick a little child when they stumble and falls and then holds them. When we let go of our burdens and look to the Lord and hold on to Him, we realize He is our source of strength, peace, and guidance for our daily lives. What are you holding on to today, that you need to let go? Are you looking to the Lord today to help you? Are you holding on to the right things in your life right now? I don’t know about you, but I have to look to the Lord every day!


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