E.T.M.’s… ( Enjoy The Moments)

How much happier we would be  if we took time to “Enjoy The Moments” that are so special in our lives. They are sometimes planned and anticipated but other special moments often show up unannounced. I think one of the greatest ways to battle stress and discouragement is to simply enjoy the special moments the Good Lord gives us each day. Our culture is obsessed with the success of getting “ things done” which is okay and necessary for a lot of things but not for everything. The problem is we can be in such a hurry to get the “next thing done” we can miss the blessing of a brief but encouraging conversation with someone, or a pretty sunset, time with friends and family, etc..It’s interesting that many of the life-changing encounters that Jesus had when He walked this earth, took place when He was on His way to somewhere else…He made the most of each day and wasn’t in such a hurry that He didn’t have time to notice someone or see something worth remembering. I like how Jack Cornfield describes the importance of not letting busyness rob us of our joy and peace… “When we get caught up in the busyness of this world, we loose connection with one another and ourselves.” Do you feel disconnected? Then, maybe it’s time to slow down your pace a little bit and enjoy the moments that are on the on your path through the day. 

E.T.M.’s…everybody has them, don’t be in such a hurry that you go rushing by yours and miss a blessing that God has sent your way today. 


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