Life Lessons from My Trip to Mayberry 

My Trip to Mayberry…Several months ago, I took a group to Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina, which is very similar to the fictitious TV town of Mayberry. A lot of the places, the barber shop, the diner, Wally’s service station, street names, etc on the TV show came from Andy Griffith’s childhood there. We went to the Andy Griffith Museum that has displays from his professional acting career and other interesting local historical information. I got my hair cut at Floyd’s City Barbershop and we went to the Snappy Lunch diner, Oppie’s Candy and Ice Cream Shop. We also ate at Barney’s Cafe, visited nearby Pilot Mountain and went to Wally’s Service Station, where we went to a tour of the town in an old patrol car similar to the one driven by Andy and Barney on the T.V. Show. 

I think there is a desire and yearning in all of us for simplicity and a more balanced lifestyle. One of the reasons for the continued success of The Andy Griffith Show on TV is that it portrays these life lessons and values in every episode with plenty of humor. We can’t always live in a place like Mayberry but we can learn to live by the same SIMPLE VALUES in our busy and hectic world. Here are some suggestions I have found to be helpful:


S chedule wisely. Schedule with your Priorities in mind, not just pressures.

I nvest your time and energy in the relationships that matter most: God, your family, etc…

M aintain good daily habits.

P eople are more important than things.

L ive each day to the fullest, make the most of it.

E ncourage others along the way. 

Have a great day, and remember to tell Aunt Bea and Goober hello and watch out for Ernest T. Bass…

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