Hi, my name is Jerry Bear, and I am a Recovering Sports Fan….

I am a recovering sports fan. I have mellowed through the years and I have learned how to enjoy sports more without going crazy and driving everyone else crazy that is around me. Some things I have progressively learned include:

It doesn’t matter how mad or upset I get, it isn’t going to change the outcome of the game.I am no longer over analytical or hyper-critical, I don’t suffer from “Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda” Syndrome as much as I used to, I just enjoy the game. Some fans take it to an unhealthy level and act like they are Sociological-Seismologist ( Seismology is the study of earthquakes). These fans are always searching for faults and flaws in every coach, player, play and referee’s call.There are fans who are Drama-tologist: ( too much drama, everything is a big deal, they over react to almost anything, especially things that aren’t really important.)

Then there are Gossip-tologists: These are Speculative Exercise Experts. The only exercise they ever get is “Jumping to Conclusions” and have just enough information (or misinformation) to make them dangerous and get themselves and others in trouble.

The truth is I used to be like that and some of these bad habits are in all of us, but when it is all said and done…it is still just a game. Enjoy it for what it really is…a game. We should be appreciative of the players and coaches who give their time and effort to play the game. If we do, we will enjoy watching sports more… and so will the other fans sitting around us.

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