Surviving and Thriving in Times of Transition in Our Lives

We live in a world of constant change and transitions. These transitions bring with it, new opportunities to grow in our faith and other areas of our lives. Steve Arterburn has said: “ Every end is a new beginning , and that is true for the seasons of our lives. Just as Fall gives way to Winter, and Winter to Spring, there is something to look forward to with each new season of your life.” It is a continuing process of letting go and growing as we go forward.

Usually there is a mixed bag of emotions attached to these awkward passages in time. We can expect to sometimes feel relief, happiness, sadness, gladness, weakness and other emotions all interwoven as we adapt and adjust. It takes more than just time, it is just as important what we do with that time to make this journey better for ourselves and others around us.

I have found two particular areas to focus our mind on that are most helpful. One of these is our attitude. Dr. Sidlow Baxter was right when he stated…”What is the difference between an obstacle and and an opportunity? Our attitude towards it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.” Our attitude is so very important, especially when our emotions are all over the map and we tend to be more upset and nervous about things dealing with changes in our circumstances.

The other thing that is helpful is our faith and our relationship with God, He gives us the strength to ride out these bumpy times and keep a good attitude. We need to remind ourselves that God is with us, that He knows our heart more than anyone; and is our source for guidance each and every day if we will seek and trust Him. Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling and other very good devotional books says that …“Pursuing a close walk with the Lord is the best way to live in the present.” And that is where we actually live in the present, not the past or future.

I love these insightful words from Eugene Peterson: “The whole task of Christian commitment is to wed a connection between God’s past and God’s future in your personal history. Your faith takes the remembered past and the expected future and fuses them in your personality. Recollect God in the year past…all the great work He did. Anticipate Him in the year ahead.”

That is my hope and prayer for you and me.

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