Keeping Our Life in Balance

There is a struggle to keeping our life in balance. In our culture today, there is so much more emphasis on doing a good job than being a good person. Both of these are important, it is not just one or the other, but we really need both of these qualities. One of the most frequent questions that people ask us, is “How are you doing?” but they never ask “How you be?.” We are obsessed with the outside things like appearance or performance but little attention is given to what is going on in the inside of us. This is your heart and soul, thoughts, doubts, fears, and your attitude…we need to focus there too.

In our hurry crazy world, we are becoming “human doings” more than “human beings.” We can become too busy doing things (even good things) it can drain our physical, emotional and spiritual energy and clutter our calendar with too many commitments.

It is quite a struggle to maintain a proper balance, one that I have fought for many years. We have to be more intentional about it. It is worth the effort to make both a priority in our daily lives as best we can. Jesus said, What does it profit you to the gain the whole world and lose your own soul in the process?(Matthew 16:26). What an incredible warning He gives us with that question. We must take better care of ourselves inwardly as well as outwardly.

I will be sharing more about how to do that in my next blog entitled “Help for the Hurried Soul.” Until then, may we give our attention to becoming more like God wants us to Be, as well as what we Do.

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