Take a Break and Tap your Brakes

Take a Break and Tap your Brakes…is some of the best help I have discovered for hurried souls like ours in this busy world. Regardless of our personalities and age and stage in life, we need to pace ourselves and not become overloaded and burnout. One of my older friends (she is 99 years old) , told me that when you go over the hill, things speed up snd you have to learn to “tap your brakes”. In other words, adapt and adjust and pace yourself. During busy times, take mini breaks, a few minutes here and there will go a long way in keeping you in the right frame of mind. Take a short walk, stretch, reflect of things that you are thankful for in your life right now. It is interesting in the book of Psalms, the term “Selah” is used to describe taking to taking time to pause and reflect in our worship. It is also important to do that throughout our day.

Another lesson I have learned is that everything is not an emergency. Take a moment to process the situation. Think about options. Some things can be resolved by rescheduling them later at a more appropriate time or possibly networking with someone else to help with the situation.

Dr. John Ortberg made this observation in studying the life and ministry of Christ, that “Jesus was often busy, but never hurried.” For me, the most help is allowing God to be a part of my daily life. Jesus is not only the perfect example, but by seeking His advice and wisdom by talking to Him in prayer , He can give us a better perspective…and help us to know when and how to slow down…and take a break, and tap our brakes.

One thought on “Take a Break and Tap your Brakes

  1. Marty Polakowski

    Very good ‘thought’ for the day….we often get so involved in what we need to do or accomplish that we often take our eyes off of JESUS and get caught up in the ‘whirl pool of life’….so I am getting off the computer, tapping my brakes and going to read my Bible…have a BLESSED Day

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