Do you miss your Mom on Mother’s Day?

Do you miss your mom on Mother’s Day? I miss my mom. She passed away several years ago. This is one my favorite photos of my Mom and Dad as newlyweds. My brother and I were fortunate to be her children. I usually gave her flowers on Mother’s Day, some years I planted an azalea bush at her home. She always loved them and appreciated them. Although I cannot give my mom flowers on Mother’s Day anymore, I can continue to do other things to honor her. I like to take time to reflect on her life and legacy.

My mom was such an encouraging person, she had a way of cheering others up and making them feel better about their situation. She smiled and laughed a lot, mainly at herself (for those who know me, that probably sounds familiar).

I do not have enough words to adequately describe her positive impact on my life. As the years have gone by, I have rediscovered layers of her influence in my life in big ways and small ways that have been interwoven into my soul and my attitude towards life.

I have also discovered some other ways to honor our moms who are no longer with us…Here are a few to consider:

-Honor her life by living your life each day the best you can each day.

-Be grateful for the good times, those pleasant memories are a gold mine to remember her and share with other family members and close friends.

-Learn to endure the tough times with faith, hope and love.

– Do not take good relationships for granted. Stay connected to those who believe in you and bring out the best in you.

-Treat others with kindness and grace.

-Think of special and specific things about her that will encourage you in the days ahead. Maybe make a list of these for you and your family.

It is healthy for us to focus on what we still have in our memories and life lessons from our mom rather than just dwelling on the fact that they aren’t physically with us now.

This will help us to continue to appreciate and honor our moms in a special way and to keep their love strong in our hearts on a regular basis… and not just one day each year.

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