Enjoy your Day…Not just Endure it

When I get to take a walk in the mountains, I like to take my time and look at things. Some of my favorite photos are in places where people often walk by, but don’t see because they are in a hurry to see how far they can go on a hike.

Likewise, we can also miss some great moments in our daily lives by always being in a hurry to get things done. It’s all about our pace. Take a little time to live in the moments of your day to enjoy it and do more than just endure it.

I am so glad that God does not leave us by ourselves to face things just in our strength and insight. He is always there if we will trust in Him. He is our guide right by our side each step of the way. He helps us grow in our relationship with Him, teaching us new things about His character, love, and faithfulness as we grow from our new experiences each day.

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