A Simple yet Strong Faith…

This is a photo of a milk can is from the farm of my wife’s grandfather. The can was old and rusty. I had a friend sandblast it and then paint a picture of the farmhouse. When I think of Granddaddy Elliott, I think about his farm and about his faith. My own grandfather, “ Pappaw” Hyder was much the same way. They were both farmers. They were both faithful Christians for many years. I think the Lord places special people in our lives like them to encourage us in our own faith.

Grandaddy Elliott was a deacon and the janitor (and whatever else they needed) at the church near his home. I remember one day going to his house to mow his yard since he wasn’t physically able to do that anymore. After I finished, we sat down and talked awhile. He got out his Bible and shared with me how reading it and studying it every day kept his faith strong. He had developed the practice of reading through the entire Bible a few chapters at a time. This helped deepen his faith. We also talked about the importance of prayer. A long time ago, when his brother was serving our country overseas fighting in the war he would pray for him. Each day he would walk out to the special spot on the farm to pray for him. He would also place a rock there. By the time his brother came home several years later, there was a big mound of rocks representing all the times he specifically prayed for his brother.

My Papaw Hyder used to tell me, that he prayed for me and each member of his family everyday. What a strong encouragement that was for me and my family. In his Bible were prayer notes with tear stains on the them. These experiences and examples have really made a positive impact on my life.

Sometimes I think we neglect or take for granted doing the consistent things like reading and studying the Bible and prayer. Spending time with God each day is so essential to maintaining a faith that is…so simple and yet so strong.

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