Prayer Changes Things… and Us Too

We have a tendency today, to rush in and out of God’s presence like it is a fast food restaurant…where we place our order the way we like it and expect God to deliver It to us quickly. Good luck with that approach!

Praying is not just saying rehearsed words and asking for things we want. It actually should start by thanking Him for what He already has done for us. Thanking Him for how He is with us now. It is also praising Him for He is… our Savior, our Rock of Stability and Strength in our lives. We should also Praise Him for His Amazing Grace, and His unconditional Love for us!

I have discovered that if we are doing all the talking when we are praying, it is just a one way conversation. We also need to take time to listen to Him. That happens we read the Bible and apply it to our lives or taking time to think what we can specifically do to help others as we are praying for them. Sometimes when I am praying for someone, God will give me a way to encourage them by calling them, sending a text with some encouraging words, or some other way to help them.

“Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.” – Colossians 4:2

Prayer is not just speaking to God, It is taking a little time to allow Him to speak to us… and that changes everything, including you and me.

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