Looking Ahead…How do we go from here?

Now that we are beginning the process of returning gradually to a new and different normal, here are some things we should think about…

LOOKING BACK: LESSONS LEARNED. A more simple lifestyle is good for us and our relationships with family and friends. More is not always better. Being thankful for what we have and not taking basic things and relationships for granted.


Because of the necessary health risk precautions, this will be a gradual return to the things we are use to going to and doing. This is also a time to lower our expectations of things we would like to do or even purchase at a store. Things will get better but it will take a while longer. Showing understanding, patience and kindness toward others is essential.


Being grateful for God’s presence in our lives. Continue looking to Him for strength, wisdom and guidance in the days ahead. Keep a good attitude. Focus on what is good in your life. Don’t be obsessed with bad stuff. Be realistic but not pessimistic.


Being careful for our health and the well being of others. Think through your options and consider consequences in making big decisions. Do what you can each day.


Don’t Panic but Pray as you Plan ahead. Recalibrate and adjust your goals and priorities where necessary.

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