Facing the Unknown Future with our Faith

Who would have ever thought we would be wearing masks (even at the grocery store) and staying six feet apart from each other in public… but here we are doing those things we never expected or experienced before. There is also a lot of speculation and concern about the future for the days and months ahead. There are so many different scenarios being discussed about health, the economy and other current issues, it is overwhelming to try to comprehend and make sense of it all. Where does our faith in God fit into this chaotic time in our lives?

We sometimes have the problem of trying to squeeze, fit and also limit God into our plans and our own perspective instead of simply following His path for our lives. We don’t need to let our difficult circumstances blur our faith. We need to remind ourselves that He is the Shepherd and we are his sheep. In the Bible, Psalm 100:3 reminds us “Know that the Lord is God, He made us and we are not our own, but we belong to Him. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.”

This should give us great peace and comfort. Phillip Keller, the author of the popular book, A Shepherd Looks at the 23rd Psalm stated this… “ In the Christian’s life there is no substitute for the keen awareness that your Shepherd is near by.There is nothing like Christ’s presence to dispel the fear and panic of the unknown future.”

Our peace of mind comes from trusting and following God’s leadership even when don’t feel like it. He is the Good Shepherd and we can trust in Him when we don’t understand everything. That is what real genuine faith is like when we follow His guidance now and into the future. Our perceived expectations give way to simply following Him, which is the best path for us to get where we need to be in His plan for our lives.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” – Corrie Ten Boom

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